Based in San Francisco California, Digital Ambiance was founded in 2011 with the goal of bringing art to life.

Look around you.  Technology is everywhere, and the way that we interact with technology is transforming us in a profound way.

We see this as a new frontier opening up incredible opportunities to reach out to people.   Digital Ambiance is focused on creating high impact interactive media installations that not only capture people’s attention but blows them away.  We make art that people are talking about.

We use the very latest technology in ways most people have never even dreamed of.  Combining lights, projection, sensors, and sculpture in a way that allows the audience to interact with the installation.

People aren’t content to passively absorb a message anymore, they want to see it, hear it, touch it, and play with it.  People want to be part of the show and those who get the most attention are the ones who allow their audience to interact with the story being told.  That is the main focus at Digital Ambiance, creating installation art that captures people’s imagination.